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Where to Find Pyaar Impossible Subtitles in English: The Best Sources for this Indian Film

Pyaar Impossible: A Romantic Comedy with a Twist

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then you should check out Pyaar Impossible. This 2010 movie is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a geeky guy who falls in love with a gorgeous girl, and how fate brings them together after seven years. Pyaar Impossible is a movie that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.

Pyaar Impossible a movie subtitles english download

What is Pyaar Impossible about?

Pyaar Impossible, which means Love Impossible in Hindi, is a movie that explores the theme of unlikely love. It is directed by Jugal Hansraj and written by Uday Chopra, who also plays the lead role of Abhay Sharma. The movie also stars Priyanka Chopra as Alisha Merchant, Advika Yadav as Tanya Merchant, Dino Morea as Siddharth Singh, and Anupam Kher as Abhay's father.

The plot of Pyaar Impossible

The movie begins with Abhay Sharma, a nerdy and awkward student at Ankert University in California, who has a crush on Alisha Merchant, the most beautiful and popular girl on campus. However, Alisha does not even notice Abhay's existence, as she is surrounded by admirers and friends. One night, Alisha falls into a river while partying with her friends, and Abhay saves her from drowning. However, before Alisha regains consciousness, her friends take her away, and Abhay does not get a chance to talk to her. The next day, Alisha's father comes to the college and takes her away, as he is angry with her for being irresponsible.

Seven years later, Abhay is a successful software engineer who has invented a revolutionary program that can integrate all operating systems. He meets with an investor to sell his program, but while he is away to call his father for advice, the investor copies his files and steals his invention. Abhay discovers that the investor is none other than Siddharth Singh, a shady software salesman who is now marketing Abhay's program as his own invention to a Singaporean firm.

Abhay decides to go to Singapore to confront Siddharth and get his program back. There, he meets Alisha again, who is now working as an assistant manager at the same firm that Siddharth is dealing with. Alisha is also a single mother to her daughter Tanya, who was born out of wedlock. Alisha does not recognize Abhay at first, but Tanya takes a liking to him and invites him to their home. Abhay accepts the invitation and tries to rekindle his feelings for Alisha, while also trying to expose Siddharth's fraud.

Will Abhay be able to win Alisha's heart and reclaim his program? Will Alisha ever realize that Abhay was the one who saved her life seven years ago? Will Siddharth get away with his crime? Watch Pyaar Impossible to find out.

The cast and crew of Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar Impossible features some talented actors and actresses who bring their characters to life. Here are some of the main cast and crew members of Pyaar Impossible:

  • Uday Chopra as Abhay Sharma: Uday Chopra is an actor, producer, and writer who is best known for his roles in the Dhoom series, Mohabbatein, and Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. He is also the son of the late filmmaker Yash Chopra and the brother of director Aditya Chopra. He wrote the story and screenplay of Pyaar Impossible, and also produced it under his banner Yash Raj Films.

  • Priyanka Chopra as Alisha Merchant: Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful and versatile actresses in Bollywood and Hollywood. She has won several awards, including a National Film Award, five Filmfare Awards, and a Padma Shri. She has also been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. She has starred in movies such as Fashion, Barfi, Mary Kom, Bajirao Mastani, and The Sky Is Pink. She has also made her mark in Hollywood with movies such as Baywatch, Isn't It Romantic, and The White Tiger, and TV shows such as Quantico.

  • Advika Yadav as Tanya Merchant: Advika Yadav is a child actress who made her debut in Pyaar Impossible. She played the role of Alisha's daughter, who is smart, adorable, and mischievous. She has a strong bond with Abhay and helps him to get closer to Alisha.

  • Dino Morea as Siddharth Singh: Dino Morea is an actor and model who has appeared in movies such as Raaz, Gunaah, Aksar, and Happy New Year. He played the role of Siddharth Singh, the villain of Pyaar Impossible, who is a greedy and dishonest software salesman who steals Abhay's invention and tries to woo Alisha.

  • Anupam Kher as Abhay's father: Anupam Kher is one of the most respected and prolific actors in Indian cinema. He has won several awards, including two National Film Awards, eight Filmfare Awards, a BAFTA nomination, and a Padma Shri. He has acted in over 500 films, including Saaransh, Lamhe, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Khosla Ka Ghosla, A Wednesday, Special 26, and The Accidental Prime Minister. He has also appeared in international films such as Bend It Like Beckham, Silver Linings Playbook, The Big Sick, and Hotel Mumbai. He played the role of Abhay's father in Pyaar Impossible, who is supportive and proud of his son.

The soundtrack of Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar Impossible also boasts of a catchy and melodious soundtrack that complements the mood and theme of the movie. The music was composed by Salim-Sulaiman, a duo of brothers who have created some memorable tunes for movies such as Chak De! India, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Band Baaja Baaraat, and Kurbaan. The lyrics were written by Anvita Dutt Guptan, who has also penned songs for movies such as Bachna Ae Haseeno, Dostana, Queen, and Phillauri. The singers who lent their voices to the songs include Dominique Cerejo, Vishal Dadlani, Shreya Ghoshal, Rishika Sawant, Benny Dayal, Anushka Manchanda, and Neha Bhasin. The soundtrack consists of seven songs, each with a different flavor and mood. Here are the names and brief descriptions of the songs:

  • Pyaar Impossible: This is the title track of the movie, which is a peppy and upbeat song that expresses the theme of impossible love. It is sung by Dominique Cerejo and Vishal Dadlani, and features some rap verses by the latter. The song has a catchy chorus that goes "Pyaar impossible, pyaar impossible, pyaar impossible, pyaar impossible".

  • Alisha: This is a romantic and groovy song that describes Abhay's feelings for Alisha. It is sung by Salim Merchant and Anushka Manchanda, and has a smooth and seductive vibe. The song has a hook line that goes "Alisha, you're my love, you're my life".

  • 10 On 10: This is a fun and funky song that celebrates Alisha's beauty and charm. It is sung by Mahua Kamat, Anushka Manchanda, and Naresh Kamat, and has a catchy refrain that goes "10 on 10, she's got it all". The song also features some humorous lyrics that compare Alisha to various celebrities and icons.

  • Ek Thi Ladki: This is a sweet and melodious song that narrates the story of Abhay and Alisha's love. It is sung by Rishika Sawant, who plays Tanya in the movie, and has a cute and innocent tone. The song has a chorus that goes "Ek thi ladki, ek tha ladka, dono mile toh pyaar hua".

  • You And Me: This is a cheerful and upbeat song that depicts the friendship and bonding between Abhay and Tanya. It is sung by Benny Dayal and Neha Bhasin, and has a lively and energetic feel. The song has a catchy phrase that goes "You and me, we're like this".

  • Pyaar Impossible (Remix): This is a remix version of the title track, which adds some extra beats and effects to the original song. It is also sung by Dominique Cerejo and Vishal Dadlani, and has a more danceable and club-friendly vibe.

  • Alisha (Remix): This is a remix version of the romantic song, which adds some extra grooves and rhythms to the original song. It is also sung by Salim Merchant and Anushka Manchanda, and has a more sensual and sultry vibe.

Why should you watch Pyaar Impossible?

Pyaar Impossible is not just another Bollywood movie. It is a movie that has many reasons to watch it. Here are some of them:

Pyaar Impossible is a fun and entertaining movie

Pyaar Impossible is a movie that will make you laugh with its witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and comic timing. The movie has many scenes that will tickle your funny bone, such as Abhay's awkward attempts to impress Alisha, Tanya's pranks on Siddharth, Abhay's father's advice on love, and Abhay's disguise as Alisha's husband. The movie also has some action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat, such as Abhay's chase after Siddharth, Abhay's fight with Siddharth's goons, and Abhay's escape from Siddharth's trap. The movie also has some emotional moments that will touch your heart, such as Abhay's confession to Alisha, Alisha's realization of Abhay's love, Tanya's acceptance of Abhay as her father figure, and Abhay's reunion with his father.

Pyaar Impossible has a message of self-love and acceptance

Pyaar Impossible is a movie that teaches you to love yourself for who you are, and not to judge yourself by others' standards. The movie shows how Abhay overcomes his insecurities and low self-esteem, and learns to value his intelligence and creativity, and wins Alisha's respect and love. The movie also shows how Alisha learns to accept herself as a single mother, and not to let her past mistakes define her. The movie also shows how Tanya learns to accept Abhay as a friend and a father figure, and not to judge him by his appearance. The movie also shows how Siddharth gets his comeuppance for being arrogant and dishonest, and how he loses Alisha's trust and admiration.

Pyaar Impossible showcases the beauty and culture of India

Pyaar Impossible is a movie that takes you on a visual tour of India, and its rich and diverse culture. The movie has many scenes that capture the beauty and charm of India, such as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Qutub Minar, the Lotus Temple, the Hawa Mahal, the Amber Fort, the Jantar Mantar, and the India Gate. The movie also has some scenes that depict the colorful and vibrant festivals of India, such as Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and Ganesh Chaturthi. The movie also has some scenes that portray the traditional and modern aspects of India, such as the rural and urban lifestyles, the classical and contemporary music, the ethnic and western outfits, and the ancient and modern architecture.

How to download Pyaar Impossible subtitles in English?

Pyaar Impossible is a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their language or nationality. However, if you are not familiar with Hindi, or if you want to understand the dialogues better, you might want to watch Pyaar Impossible with subtitles in English. Subtitles are text versions of the spoken words in a movie, that appear on the screen along with the video. Subtitles can help you to follow the story, learn new words, improve your listening skills, and appreciate the nuances of the language. Here are some benefits of watching Pyaar Impossible with subtitles in English:

The benefits of watching Pyaar Impossible with subtitles in English

  • Subtitles can help you to enjoy the movie without missing any details or jokes. Sometimes, the dialogues in a movie can be fast-paced, unclear, or accented, which can make it hard to catch every word or phrase. Subtitles can help you to read what is being said, and not miss any important information or humor.

  • Subtitles can help you to learn Hindi better. If you are interested in learning Hindi, or improving your Hindi skills, watching Pyaar Impossible with subtitles in English can be a great way to do so. You can listen to how the actors pronounce the words, see how they are spelled, learn new vocabulary and grammar, and compare them with their English translations.

  • Subtitles can help you to appreciate the culture and emotions better. Sometimes, the language in a movie can have cultural or emotional connotations that are not easy to convey in another language. Subtitles can help you to understand the context and meaning behind the words, and appreciate the subtleties and expressions of the characters.

The best websites to download Pyaar Impossible subtitles in English

If you want to watch Pyaar Impossible with subtitles in English, b70169992d


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