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by using any of these three options, you can obtain a +50 db increase in the power level of a generated signal. however, it is not recommended to push the power levels this high on too many satellites. at some point, it will end up saturating the i/q data samples. when this happens, skydel will warn you that i/q has been saturated.

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beidou satellites are considered "constellation satellites" as they are not part of any national or international civil space program. in fact, this is a space program in itself as the constellation is located at the center of the earth. these satellites orbit the earth in a purely circular pattern with no inclination. they have a circular orbit with a period of 24 hours.

beidou satellites have a known orbit and orbit height, which means you can more easily estimate the received power of the satellite. you can get this estimate by downloading the satellite rinex file. we recommend you to use a strong internet connection for this process.

satellite orbits are constantly changing due to perturbations such as atmospheric drag, solar wind pressure, and geomagnetic field changes. the orbit's position will change and the orbit period will alter. it is also possible that the satellite's orbit is elliptical, meaning it follows a curving path around the earth.

satellite orbits are continually changing as a result of atmospheric and gravitational forces. the motion of a satellite across the sky is described by a set of orbital parameters. these parameters are the right ascension (ra), declination (dec), and eccentricity (e). because the orbit of a satellite is changing, these parameters will also change over time. for example, the ra will change as a function of the time of day and the dec will change as a function of the day and the month.


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