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Why You Should Listen to Junior Ji 1982 Remastered 2008: A Review and Analysis

Junior Ji 1982 Remastered 2008: A Classic Album Revisited

If you are a fan of soul, disco, and R&B music, you might have heard of Junior, a British singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the early 1980s with his debut album Ji. The album was a hit in both the UK and the US, spawning several singles such as "Mama Used to Say", "Too Late", and "Is This Love". Ji showcased Junior's smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and funky grooves, as well as his collaboration with producer Bob Carter and other talented musicians.

Junior Ji 1982 Remastered 2008

But did you know that Ji was remastered in 2008, more than 25 years after its original release? The remastered version was part of a series called Surfer Soul Around 1980, which aimed to revive some of the best soul albums from that era. The remastered version of Ji featured enhanced sound quality, bonus tracks, and new liner notes. It was also released in Japan as a limited edition CD with a special cover art.

In this article, we will explore the remastered version of Ji and see how it compares to the original one. We will also review each track of the album and discuss its reception and impact. Whether you are a longtime fan of Junior or a new listener who wants to discover his music, this article will help you appreciate this classic album in a new light.

Review of the album

Ji is an album that blends soul, disco, and R&B genres with a touch of pop sensibility. It has eight tracks that range from upbeat dance tunes to mellow ballads. The album showcases Junior's versatile voice, which can be smooth and sweet or powerful and passionate. The album also features Bob Carter's production skills, which create a rich and dynamic sound that complements Junior's vocals. The album has a total length of 41 minutes and 47 seconds.

Track by track analysis

Mama Used to Say

The opening track of the album is also its most famous one. "Mama Used to Say" is a catchy disco song that celebrates youth and encourages young people to enjoy life while they can. The song has a funky bass line, a catchy chorus, and a horn section that adds some flair. The song was a hit in both the UK and the US, reaching number 7 on the UK Singles Chart and number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also earned Junior a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 1982.

Love Dies

The second track of the album is a soulful ballad that deals with the pain of losing love. The song has a slow tempo, a piano accompaniment, and some strings that create a melancholic atmosphere. Junior sings with emotion and sincerity, expressing his sadness and regret over the end of a relationship. The song is one of the most emotional ones on the album and showcases Junior's vocal range.

Too Late

The third track of the album is another disco song that has a more upbeat vibe than "Love Dies". The song is about realizing that it's too late to save a relationship that has gone sour. The song has a groovy rhythm, a catchy hook, and some synthesizers that add some spice. The song was also released as a single and reached number 20 on the b70169992d


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