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Hotel Dash Suite Success

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Hotel Dash Suite Success

Do you have good management skills and want to put them to the test? If so, you have to try the Hotel Dash: Suite Success game! Flo is back in town and ready to turn an old hotel into a successful business. Are you ready to join her and get to work together?

This game keeps the essential dash elements such as color bonuses and chaining. Every customer (excluding the ghost) will always request meal service. However, each customer has unique requests as well. For example, Lovebirds and Teenagers will always ask for extra pillows and Hal will always order meal service twice. Flo must tend to each customer's request if she wishes to keep them happy. The happier a customer, the higher the tips. As more money is earned from each shift, the player can buy various upgrades to help Flo move around the hotel faster, carry more items, improve customers' patience, and so on. A mysterious woman may appear in the hotel and will try and sabotage a part of the hotel, such as cutting off the power or setting off a fire alarm. The player must send Quinn to avert the disaster.

In addition to cash, which every hotel guest pays, rooms can be upgraded with stars. Upon check-out guests that stayed in an upgraded room also give Stars, which are used to upgrade a top-grade suite, which should be upgraded by the ninth level of the venue.

It's more Flo and more of the finely-tuned time management action we've come to love in Hotel Dash: Suite Success! Flo's friend Quinn is expanding her wedding business by offering honeymoon packages, but the hotel she's booked is a bit of a lemon. Enter Flo and her uncanny ability to turn any business from failure to success in the course of one casual game!

Upgrades play a more important role in Hotel Dash than most other time management games. You can beef-up the usual suspects in the hotel lobby, such as buying better carpet or improving the scenery to keep customers happy. Now, though, you can add stars to individual rooms which will earn you a star buck each time someone stays there. This special cash is used to upgrade the honeymoon suite, which, if you'll recall, is the reason you're playing this game in the first place!

yeah it was fun but it was way too all the other dash games, there were levels i had to retry numerous times just to complete. i completed every level in hotel dash on expert goal easily. 781b155fdc


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