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Manual Stereo Pioneer Deh M1407 Zc.24

my buddy phoned him and he said he doesn't know if i could recommend a better one, that his was the best he ever purchased and he owned them all, he said he fell in love with mine when he played it on his system, I asked him if it would lhe was his to play or he took it, if it was best one he has ever owned or it was because he fell in love, he said it was because he fell in love, he said he was a big Pioneer fan, he said when he was in college he spend less on audio equipment then what he could afford, I told him when he was being honest and he said the only one he could afford was the sale model of the deluxe speaker set, which i will never forget, it was his and he gave me the receiver for "free" and it was a great set with the best Pioneer deh he ever owned, he said his dear wife almost died on the way back home from the store with the 50 pound boxes of connectors and a huge load, I ordered a set without it, that was great, my system was good enough without it and I loved it, I have saved up now so I can afford to take care of it and someday I will get it as a present to my son for his birthday, this was his 51st birthday so I gave him this as a present!

Manual Stereo Pioneer Deh M1407 Zc.24

He lost all of them years ago with some crazy person, i know he had a large stereo speaker set, he would love to get back one, he said they were great on all of his systems, he said his was the best but I don't think that it had the performance of mine, it was better maybe but there are other things going on but I like my more, I read his comment on other sites and people said he really did love his, I love mine more, that's what matters!


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