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Fight Night Champion Pc Download 40 ((FULL))

Andre Bishop is a boxer serving time in a correctional facility. After winning a jailhouse boxing match against another inmate, he is cornered and brutally beaten by other prisoners including his opponent, severely injuring him. The story then flashes back four years to his rise as a professional fighter. Bishop's career begins as a middleweight when he defeats nine-time amateur champion Joel Savon, earning him significant recognition as a contender. After a few successful bouts, Andre and trainer Gus Carisi are approached by DL McQueen, a crooked but famed promoter who wants to promote Andre under the management of his daughter Meagan. The two refuse, renewing the longtime rivalry between Carisi and McQueen. After continually failing to sway Andre and an attempt to fix a contender fight falls through, McQueen frames him for police assault with the help of two crooked cops, sentencing Bishop to over five years in prison.

Fight Night Champion Pc Download 40

After recovering from his injuries, Andre begins to train himself and keep fit while imprisoned. Andre's brother Raymond is rising up the ranks as a heavyweight, but Andre is angered upon discovering that he has signed with McQueen Promotions and cut Gus out. After Andre is released, Raymond organizes him a job as an assistant trainer. After Andre beats two ranked heavyweights during regular sparring sessions, Meagan, who has split from her father's business over 'philosophical differences', convinces him to make an unexpected comeback as a heavyweight and becomes his manager, with Gus returning as Andre's trainer. Following several successful heavyweight bouts, Andre becomes a contender to the undefeated world heavyweight champion Isaac Frost, a boxer under McQueen Promotions who has won every fight in his career by knockout.

Jealous of his brother's return and bitter about being overshadowed, Raymond challenges Andre to a title eliminator bout, with the winner securing a fight against Frost. Raymond knocks Andre out in the second round after Andre voluntarily stays down from a knockdown. Raymond then fights Frost, but is defeated by a first-round knockout and hospitalised. Angered, Andre challenges Frost himself. Meagan covertly records one of McQueen's crooked cops mentioning the frame job on Andre, forcing McQueen to agree to the bout. Adopting a defensive strategy, Andre knocks Frost out and becomes the world heavyweight champion. McQueen is subsequently arrested when the framing of Andre is revealed.

Fight Night Champion features over 50 boxers in total through 8 weight divisions (flyweight doesn't have a boxer in its roster unless a boxer has been created), making it the largest roster in the series. New inclusions permit recreations of fights such as Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye and Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. There are additional fighters available but downloadable content is not freely available. Some boxers are not licensed for use in the game's bare knuckle mode.


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