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Motorola Patents Could Hint Features Of A New Moto Razr 2 [PATCHED]

Google bought Moto not for the phones, but for its patents. Apple was suing Android makers left right and center. Moto had a bunch of patents that Google could use in battling Apple's lawsuits.Google was never going to keep Moto for itself because Google has other partners to make Android phones. They sold Moto to Lenovo at a lower price because the patents didn't go with the sale.

Motorola patents could hint features of a new Moto Razr 2

i have a few moto phones 2015 E and G. They are both ok while the batteries are still new. I also have a 2 year old samsung S3. Its battery life is very short. I can buy a new battery and replace it for $10+. Can't replace motorola batteries. Users will have to ship phones to motorola for very expensive battery replacement service, if it's even possible in the new models. I'm not even sure how G battery can be replaced. There are no screws, completely sealed. Because of non-replaceable battery i'll look into other brands for my next phone. I like my G camera most of the time in day light, but non-replaceable battery is a deal breaker.

Dear Lenovo/Moto whatever... Please make an agreement by Olympus. They had such a great camera coupled with strong optics back then called XZ and Stylus camera range. Those cameras were very strong in terms of photography that Pentax and Casio also made their own (Pentax MX-1 , Casio ex-whatever) Olympus can make such camera which has lacking of rear screen, where we can stick a moto x camera by its 16pins magnetically. And photos can record directly to phones memory as well as sd card!!! And when we don't use the camera, it can be shut down and phone can be taken off from it. It would be a FANTASTIC VALUE for motorola/Lenovo and for us Olympus lovers, who are really keen on final image quality at any conditions of any photography! 350c69d7ab


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