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Sargoshiyan Movie Mp3 Download _BEST_

The story of the film is weaved around Kashmir and Kashmiri people's simplicity, pride and Kashmiriyat. It's a very simple and interesting theme, all about Kashmir where Jammu and Kashmir and the Kashmiri people are central to certain developments taking place in the movie. In the recent past, Kashmir has been portrayed in many films for the unrest in the region, however in this film there is no violence and the movie depicts the beauty and chastity of Kashmir and Kashmiris.The movie portrays how even today Muslims and Pandit's stay in harmony in the Kashmir Valley. The film travels through many beautiful locations in Kashmir. It's a soul-searching journey for the characters where they meet different people undergoing their challenges in very difficult conditions and yet they are positive, hopeful and facing the harsh realities of life with a 'never say die' attitude.

Sargoshiyan Movie Mp3 Download


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