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Vissani Kegerator Owners Manual __EXCLUSIVE__

Depending on what equipment you may have already (maybe a CO2 tank and kegs?) you should choose the kit to match your fridge. Note that most kits you buy will be put together with lower quality components like chrome plated faucets. These kits are really made for entry level (first-time) kegerator owners to save money. If you want something that lasts longer than a year or two, I would suggest buying all of the necessary components separately and choosing higher quality parts made of stainless steel versus chrome plated. These stainless steel parts will last you much longer and you'll thank me later.

Vissani Kegerator Owners Manual

Installing the drip tray in either kegerator style is relatively simple. For a kegerator with door mounted faucets, use a drip tray with mounting bracket to mark out the mounting holes and drill them. Most styles of drip trays are mounted with Phillip's head screws. For a tower style mini-fridge, I recommend a self contained spill tray that is manually emptied. Now, after installing the drip tray, all you have to do is hook up the beer and gas lines, flush them and sanitize them. Make sure that all hose clamps are tightened and that the CO2 tank is secured and the regulator set to 5-8 PSI. 041b061a72


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