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Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 English Dub Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 Engli

Voice actors can be a good investment, and you want to be sure youre choosing them carefully. There is a reason why the voice actors of Psycho-Pass 2 were so well known. They had some hilarious catch phrases, and they had a really good connection with the audience. When they got a reputation, they ended up doing a number of extra voice acting jobs.

Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 English Dub Psycho Pass Season 1 Complete 1 22 Engli

From the movie to the new cast to the entire anime, the second season of Psycho-Pass delivered some major improvements to an already excellent story. Considering all of the changes, it might be hard to recognize much of a difference between the two series, but some things definitely could be improved on. That being said, the second season is just as brilliant as the first. While it still shares the same themes as the original, the psychological aspects of the story are much more developed and potent. The show has a strong core that can stand on its own, with plenty of growth potential to meet the changing times.

Ultimately, we chose to come here because we wanted to support something unique to our team. Back in the day, we viewed entertainment through an artistic lens. Our hope is that Psycho-Pass 2 extends that possibility beyond just being a piece of entertainment.

The limited edition box set of the first season of Psycho-Pass really adds a high-class touch to the presentation. The DVD case and insert are completely branded, the DVDs individually numbered, and each comes with the 25 original Psycho-Pass manga. The limited edition packaging provides great value and would be a great place to start for anyone looking to invest in some of the best anime of recent years.


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