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Fohawk Hair Style

Whether you want a long or short faux hawk, read on to learn about the best fohawk styles of the year. From the undercut faux hawk to the frohawk for black men, this guide will help you choose the hottest cut and style for your straight, wavy or curly hair!

fohawk hair style

The best thing about faux hawk haircuts is that you can incorporate a fade or undercut instead of a shaved head. And with the fohawk fade, guys are given the option to occasionally change their hairstyle. For example, if a long faux hawk is too aggressive for the office, you can simply change your style to a comb over fade, slick back, or textured quiff. Ultimately, trendy faux hawk styles provide men a number of different looks.

A fauxhawk is a haircut that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. It is similar to a pixie and a quiff. The most popular way to style it is into a mohawk. On the other hand, a fauxhawk can also refer to any hair style that mimics a mohawk; this is typically done on longer styles and requires you to pull and pin your hair back.

Thus, since we are talking about mohawk variants for young working men, you can wear a fairly neutral and ordinary outfit that fits your style and workplace. Your mohawk and any accessories you sport will set the overall tone.

If you dropped the idea of having a mohawk because you have short hair, then you definitely need to reconsider. There are many out there who rock the mohawk look with short hair. A good stylist can shape a classy look to suit men of all ages. This hairstyle exudes a particular charm, and maintaining it is relatively easy compared to styles with longer hair.

If you have hesitated to try a mohawk hairstyle because of your curly (or permed) hair, this is for you. This low-maintenance hairstyle can give you a lively and creative look. Keeping it short will convey classiness, while longer variants show off your willingness to experiment. Your stylist will cut your curly locks to the desired length, and work in fades on the sides.

Ready to become an icon? Medium-length mohawks turn up the volume on an already commanding hairstyle. One approach is to fix the hair on sides with hairspray while leaving the hair on top at a medium length. Using hair gel as the base product, you can turn the hair towards the middle for a timeless look. Combine with an undercut and beard for more edge.

If you want to balance between private life and work, this is a perfect hairstyle. It feels subtle yet classy. The low fade mohawk is a versatile hairstyle option for men who want to stand out. This style leaves plenty of hair on top for styling and playing with.

This variation of the mohawk features a high fade on the sides. It can be combined with any style of mohawk, whether you have permed, wavy, or straight thick hair. It also works for short, long, flat, and wide mohawks. The longer your hair on top, the more styling options you will have. On one day, you can try tousled, loose hair. Then, the next day, go for a slick, combed-over look.

If you are a young, bold challenger, this is a style that speaks volumes. Everybody will know that you see the world differently. A favourite of creative individuals over the decades, this style lets you show your true colours. Throw people off by changing your hair colour every now and then. This style works great when worn with darker clothes that make the shade of your hair stand out even more.

As you have seen so far in this article, there is a myriad of possibilities when it comes to mohawk hairstyles. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do your research and have a clear idea of what you want. Bring a few photos of the kind of look you are seeking.

Not every hairstyle suits every man. There are many variables that an experienced hairdresser will take into consideration, including facial shape and features, hair type, length, and consistency, and the kind of undercut you are interested in.

Since there are so many different types of mohawk hairstyles, there is no single approach to styling. So, once your stylist has completed your cut and is going into the styling phase, ask them to explain the techniques they are using.

Our hair gel is designed to bind your hair closely together, enabling your hairstyle to hold for hours. It spreads and blends well without stickiness. It also gives a natural shine to your hair while remaining easy to wash off. We have several types that you can use, depending on your mohawk goals.

Sassy and classy, a puffy hairstyle with the majority of the hair piled high and forward on the crown is a great iteration for those with curly, wavy, or natural-textured hair. Provided the rest of your hair is sleek and/or faded at the sides, back, and temples, getting the fringe up and lifted should be a cinch. Employ the help of a volumizing mousse, like Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse, and rake through the fringe and hairline area with your fingers. Blow-dry with a round brush in an upward-tugging motion, then allow hair to fall forward past the brows. Finish with some hairspray for hold.

The fake mohawk, a.k.a. faux-hawk or fohawk haircut, is a look that involves spiking hair up in the middle without shaving off the back and sides of your head entirely. Most commonly seen with a fade, a fohawk haircut is a quirky hairstyle that can lean either punky or even low-key casual, depending on how aggressive your spike looks.

Some versions of the fohawk haircut have very short hair that is just slicked towards the middle; others are more in-your-face and involve longer hair, as in a floppy undercut, held in place with some extreme-hold gel and hairspray. The latter is the look closest you can probably get to an actual mohawk without a skin fade or a completely bare scalp all around.

Oil and grease from your scalp plus product buildup can weigh hair down. Wash with a clarifying shampoo to rid hair of any gunk. We like SheaMoisture Men Bay Laurel & Shea Butter Commodore 4-in-1 All-Over Wash best. Towel-dry.

Blow-dry hair using your hands and fingers, paying special attention to the hair on top of your head. Dry this area by focusing the nozzle near the root and with a slight upward tug with your fingers. This will help infuse the roots with some volume and height, crucial ingredients of your fohawk haircut. Need a visual? Our blowdrying tutorial for men might help.

Using the same firm-drying gel, or putty for a more bedhead-like feel, such as AXE Adrenaline Spiked-Up Look: Styling Putty, use both sets of fingers to rake your hair up to a point. Do this until you reach your parietal ridge, or your skull bump, after which start molding it at an angle so it looks more natural and less like a Roman warrior. Now you can start blending it somewhat with one side.

Use any leftover product to finger-style your fringe. Whether you want the front of your fohawk haircut to stick straight up (this looks a bit edgier) or to the side (more pretty-boy) is up to you. All set!

Looking for a fohawk that moves together as one unit? Guide the front of your style back and slightly to the side to give a nod to the quiff, but add more texture in the back to maintain the fohawk vibe.

Deciding to go with a sleek fohawk haircut makes this style very wearable. You can use a gel or pomade to slick back the longer section. This is also a great way to make the style very wearable for everything from date night to work.

History has been told incorrectly in a couple of ways. For one, it was actually the Pawnee tribe out of present-day Nebraska who traditionally wore a mohawk-type hairstyle, not the Mohawk tribe of present-day New York. Despite the men in the Mohawk tribe being credited as the sole wearers of the look, they actually wore their hair a little differently.

"They have almost what you'd call a scalp lock," Witgen says. They would remove all of their hair except for a section on the crown of the head at the very back and "they wouldn't shave the rest of their head, they would pluck it." They reportedly would also braid and decorate this hair tuft, but it didn't extend from the front of the head to the back like the hairstyle we know today.

They also didn't call it a mohawk. "That was the name that got placed on them from outsiders," he says. In historical documents, English speakers often referred to it as a topknot, but Hollywood branded the hairstyle with the name we know today. "The mohawk that you're thinking about is really more of a creation of white people who were 'playing' Native Americans."

It showed up in Hollywood for the first time in the 1939 film "Drums Along the Mohawk" and in the popular 1985 movie "Vision Quest," as well as countless other western films in between. In those movies, this front-to-back spiky mohawk hairstyle was worn by actors playing members of the Mohawk tribe, furthering this spread of misinformation. We also see it on people who do Boston Tea Party reenactments.

This idea that it's antiestablishment also helped the hairstyle get picked up in the '70s by the punk rock moment. "It became known as rebellious and then went on to become attached to the punk movement," says Nikki Apostolou, an Indigenous digital creator. "This style then went on to inspire the hair in 'Taxi Driver' in 1976." She points out that this was two years before the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 was passed, which lifted bans that prevented Indigenous people from practicing their own religion and culture.

With all of this in mind, it's a bit easier to understand the complexities of whether or not wearing a mohawk or a fauxhawk in today's society is cultural appropriation. "Wearing the mohawk/fauxhawk hairstyle, in and of itself, isn't completely appropriation, especially since Natives themselves have shared this style among many tribes," says Apostolou. "What would make it cultural appropriation is the attitude when wearing it. For example, if it was part of a costume, or being used to mock Native individuals," which is exactly how the white-washed version of the hairstyle came about.


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