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Inside Job

For seven months a team of investigative journalists from ProPublica looked into a story for us, the inside story of one company that made hundreds of millions of dollars for itself while worsening the financial crisis for the rest of us.

Inside Job


You are a group of secret agents and must work together to complete your missions. But beware! An insider is hiding amongst you, sabotaging you at every turn and collecting secret information along the way. In this (mostly) cooperative trick-taking card game, you slip into undercover roles. Who is acting suspiciously? Who can you trust? Complete a mission with each trick and find out who is the insider.

Smokescreen recovers consciousness to find himself on a slab in the Decepticon warship with Knock Out standing over him. Megatron demands the final relic, pointing out Soundwave's work decrypting the Iacon database has revealed an image of Smokescreen, but Smokescreen is merely confused as to what it means. Knock Out scans the Autobot, and finds the last relic is hidden inside.

The other Autobots, meanwhile, realize that the Decepticons must have decoded the last coordinates and speculate that Smokescreen holds the Omega Key inside him, largely due to being installed within him while unconscious by Alpha Trion.

Knock Out advances on the alarmed Smokescreen with a rotary saw, only to reveal he's actually going to use the phase shifter to do the operation. He reaches inside Smokescreen and soon has the Omega Key in hand. Smokescreen refuses to tell the Decepticons what the Omega Keys are, but Megatron has ways of finding out.

The study creates the first comprehensive database of share pledges by insiders in the U.S. to reveal the prevalence of this practice and its role in encouraging earnings management. I find that during the fiscal years 2006 to 2014, insiders at one of every three S&P1500 firms pledged their ownership in the firm as collateral to obtain loans at least once. I exploit a 2012 market-wide advisory against share pledges by Institutional Shareholder Services, the largest proxy advisory firm, as a quasi-natural experiment. A difference-in-differences estimation reveals that, after the shock, insiders curtailed share pledge activity by approximately 40% and firms with share pledges reduced earnings manipulation by an average 15% of their reported profits. The results suggest that share pledges distort the incentives of insiders and motivate them to inflate earnings.

But does it fairly depict what caused the crisis? Is everything it says true? No one can believe it does - "is inside job accurate" is the 5th most-searched topic on Google for "Inside Job" right now (see the image at right).

Shortly after the robbery occurred, an insider told E! News exclusively, "Kim is doing better but she still has a long way to recover from the robbery. She has been receiving some professional counseling. Her friends and family have been really supportive. Her sisters and mom have been checking on her every day." 041b061a72


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